African Storm Dancehall Queen 2016 winner – DHQ Tokyo

The sixth installment of The African Storm Dancehall Queen was held at Bassline on December,15 2016. Tokyo Dancehall Queen who hails from the North West, was the ultimate winner who walked away with a cash Prize of R50, 000 [Fifty Thousand Rand].

This was the highest Cash Prize – dubbed the R50K edition – to be offered in this competition that has been running since 2011 at Bassline, and which might seem to be the last time that the event will be staged there, as the venue which has been hosting legendary Fire Nights on Thursdays will be closing down at the end of the year.

Incidentally, Tokyo Dancehall Queen Won the inaugural title back then in 2011. She returned five years later to put out her best foot forward that would allow her to reclaim the title in 2016. She was closely followed by fellow friend and dancehall queen Madibuseng Fire Lady, placed second walking away with a cash prize of R10000. Fire Lady reigned as the Dancehall Queen in 2013. They both have been regulars at Fire Thursdays at Bassline gracing the stage at each event, showing some crazy moves. Coming in at third place is Bev, the 2015 Title holder.  It comes as no surprise that the two would come up tops. It is reported that they both put in solid performances, showing a lot of improvement and hard work that they put in to get thus far. A well-deserved win.

Hwindi President from Zimbabwe and Jeremiah Fyah Ises were special guest artists who warmed up the stage before the contest.

The African Storm  Dancehall Queens

2011 – Tokyo Dancehall Queen – North West

2012 – DHQ Shortz –  Vaal

2013 – Madibuseng Fire Lady –  Soweto

2014 – DHQ Pink Panty – Cape Town

2015 – DHQ Bev – Zimbabwe

2016 – Tokyo Dancehall Queen – North West