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Adolf Fayaman

Adolf FayamanAdolf Atabongafac

Adolf Atabongafac is a Cameroonian South Africa based artist known as Adolf fayaman. He came to prominent following his great hit single Can’t take it away Feat Denzyl & Onezeal in 2010.

That pulled international and national attention and awards nominations and the song also featured on Cameroon top selling C.D Cameroon awake.  In 2011 he released
Better days Ft Buffalo Souljah,  that also got Radio nominations.

In 2014 he released an EP of 9 tracks Good Feelings Featuring the Lion Boy aiming to reach his Audience with his positive lyrics and unique style he continues to work with local and international artists.



TEL: 073 507 8872
EMAIL:  atabonadolf@yahoo.co.uk



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