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Angolah Maseko


Angolah Maseko

In 1990 when Seabata Maseko signed to cool spot (EMI) and launched his reggae career as Angolah and the groaners. His first step was to release an album called Going Forward. The success of that release enabled Angolah to release Majority Rule in 1992. A reggae album that reveals an artist who has no fear of staring truth and lies right in the eyes, “On Going Forward I was reviving spirit and mobilizing our people for liberation, Majority Rule on the other hand I say we must know where we come from, and we know where we are going”, said Angolah. In explaining himself, Angolah’s cultures manner and deep understanding never fails to underline why he is going stronger as one of South Africa’s acknowledged reggae artist. As opposed to religion and believes but knowledge, righteousness and faith he explains, “Good over Evil bonds first hand with human rights issues vital to rebuild the African continent. It is essentially a good album, one which captures the atmosphere of our people and to control their destiny”. In 2009 Angolah released Religion. On this album Angolah proves to be strictly a human’s rights artist with no slight fear of revealing the truth directed to Babylon queendoms. It is in fact a good album, a traditional and spiritual reggae album. “He who has ears to hear will hear what I have to say”, says Angolah.

An artist such as Angolah cannot be divorced from his roots for they are the source if his message and foundation of his inspiration. Angolah was born in Khuma Township near Matlosana in the North West province. “You must understand the air that I breathe was oppressive and the sights that I saw were the consequence of an evil shitstem, so I grew up directing my anger towards it. This has been the life of most of our brethrens and sistrens”, he explained gently. As a youthful boy he found himself dancing to Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Peter Tosh. “I used to imitate their vocals and I knew back then that I can sing”, said Angolah.

He went to church every Sunday because he actually wanted to be a Priest in the Anglican Church. But the message that was conveyed to him by the Rastas clashed with some of the teachings of the Church, “so I began searching for the truth and in the bible and became a Rastafarian.” said Angolah.

Angolah Maseko Going ForwardAngolah Maseko Majority RuleAngolah Maseko ReligionAnholah Maseko Good over Evil

In 1984 Angolah’s commitment to reggae materialized in the sounds of the Groaners and performed in various clubs around Klerksdorp, Pretoria, Germiston and Johannesburg, and from then on music became his soul source of sanity. In 1990 Angolah’s singing career became a reality when he was signed with Cool Spot and released Angolah and the Groaners debut album called Going Forward followed by Majority Rule, Good over Evil and Religion. Angolah shared stage with several known artist in South Africa, including Lucky Dube, Jumbo, Brenda Fassie, Sankomota, Jabu Khanyile and Mzwakhe Mbuli.

He also shared the stage in Africa Day Festival with Andrew Tosh the son of the legend Peter Tosh, Eric Donaldson, Don Carlos and many more. Angolah also performed in Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Namibia. Angolah believes reggae is denied enough airplay because the rulers scare the message they convey. “So we’re marginalized seen, while it is holy music it must be cultivated, nourished and shared to the nations”, said Angolah.


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