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Crazy Rebel

Crazy Rebel
Crazy Rebel

Bongani Msiza (Crazy Rebel) born in Natal Spruit on 1985 and moved to Sharpville in  theVaal side where he discovered his talent as a musician at early age of 13. At first he started as a Hip Hop artist, he was rapping seriously and loved hip hop. Bongani even participated in the Mr and Miss Selbourne Primary School and won the first price as the most unique participant.

Out of all the performances he was the only individual to come up with something different and unique as rapping. At that time, at that age, no one dared to rap, he truly was an inspiration to all young growing kids up at that time. From that time going on Bongani’s passion for music and art started to grow stronger, he started being more creative and passionate

Bongani Msiza (Crazy Rebel) is a passionate artist and it comes from the bottom of his heart; he also furthered his career by going to music school for the history of music, theory ensemble, and practical of vocal and bass guitar. He is also good in song writing, and he is a dj and a dancer all-rounder entertainer and he can also be a Mc to events because he is well spoken, with the gift of 6 languages. He studied at CJC Art College Crown mines. Bongani Msiza is an artist that is very talented and a hard worker, passionate about what he is doing, his an inspiration to all other young artist and his being also grooming them to be up there. He loves music with all his heart and he put his full attention to the music industry, music is his life, he doesn’t have a job, music is his career path of life He was part of the first ALL BLACK ROCK BAND in South Africa which was originated in Soweto (Johannesburg) playing a bass guitar and backing vocals, the band was called ORGANISE DISTORTION, and it was a four piece band. They played places like, Splashy Fan Festival; they toured the Durban Rock Seen. Again as he was still part of the ORGANISE DISTORTION they played for MOON CHILDAnd then later Bongani Msiza joined a band called TATOO L9 which was originated in Vaal Triangle, he was also playing a bass guitar and backing vocals. They recorded two albums independently. This band was so famous in the underground and they also played with 340 ml.

He also played places like 21 March Sharpeville Shooting Celebration, Oppi Koppi, they were part of Dub Saved my life Movement hosted by Ruitouring Johannesburg Clubs, while he was with Tatoo he was playing with another band called Musical Lounge and it was an acoustic band, they played at Pubs, spots bar, taxi ranks, and in the town for the fun of music they were underground. More over, Bongani Msiza (Crazy Rebel) left the group and started establishing Crazy Rebel, the name that he got because he has always been against the system way of doing things, now his embracing the name Crazy Rebel and going solo. He started working with different people doing different things in the music industry. He became an event coordinator, event manager, event organiser, and started thinking differently and doing things differently. As he goes Solo hisfocus was being a vocalist, he started wring songs, being an MC on most shows and events because that’s what his really good in, the believe that he has for musicnever changed at all.

He worked with Shamrock Guitar, they both made three songs together. And they started performing in different plaes around the Vaal and they even went to Mpumalanga for performance. They performed in places like M Café in Vanderbijlpark , Capellos Gandi Square in Johannesburg and Ko Spotong Newtown. While he was working with Shamrock Guitar he was a Dj, in places like Cool Café in Vanderbijlpark, Rockas in Rooistena Sharpeville, Mbazo Lounge in Vanderbijlpark, and Coffee Shop in Sharpeville. He has talents as a Dj, Bass Guitarist, and Guitarist, Song writer, an MC, Events planner, Events coordinator, Events manager and event organiser. Everything that has to do with art and music he takes part of it. He had Sunday Sessions that where hosted by him in Sharpeville a place called Madiba.


Bongane was also a Mc in a club called Stone Bar where he also got an opportunity to express his love for muisic. Shows where he also hosted in the same club where he was also assistingt he ultimate Experience Company in organising the Dance Hall Sessions in the township. After being a Dj, his focus was recording songs which are his passion. He started recording songs with Family Vibz, TheBakery, GSE Green Screen Entertainment Production. He recorded songs like, Kunya Kunya, Tsok Dibono, Deceiver, Hater, Mr Policeman, Thema Know and Remix, Pay for Wat, Zion, No Father’s Day, Sthandwa Sam, Ha Ke Batle Nix Ka Yena, Baile, Swagg Turn Up, Keep Me Alive Oh Lord etc

Crazy Rebel has been also involved in a non profit organisation (NPO) Radient Art Media where awareness programs where taking part to educate the youth of today about drugs and the abuse of alcoholism. They invite different artists to inspire youth and to make them see that there is entertainment without alcohol and drugs and also art stalls Where displayed for local artist to showcase their art and craft.


Bongani is currently signed with Got To Records where he is busy with a new Dub EP coming soon, produced by Shamrock Guitar one of the talented international Dj/Producer.

FB: Gotto Records.
Contact Details: 0718717524 and GIFT2 061 476 9138.

Crazy Rebel – Jah Live [Shamrock Prod] | Audio



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