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Recognized as the First Reggae Female artist in South Africa. She was also the First Female Reggae Artist to be interviewed by Zwahashu @ SABC 2, Daily Sun, Radio 2000 and Rainbow FM. Phalaphala FM nominated her as a Best Female Artist for SATMA (2010) and Best Reggae Album for SAMA Awards (2011).

Working hard is what keeps me going.  I grew up in Limpopo and I know the need of my people, being informative is what they need.  If we look all around south Africa how many African Reggae’s artist are successful, few of them but it is not because there is no talent in South Africa but it is because most of major companies they only offer their services to urban areas, so who will go out there to help those young generation whose dreams are shuttered.

Nyadenga is Shona for God Most High – a name apt for the singer’s route to stardom, which began with her entertaining her fellow students from her Nzhelele village in Limpopo on a bus trip in 1992.

Imitating famous South African gospel singer Rebecca Malope became her vehicle to singing gospel music professionally in 1999. From singing in the church choir to performing live at festivals and events countrywide, Denga then threw caution to the wind and moved to Johannesburg with less than R200 in her pocket.

During this time she started recording tester gospel tracks at GTP studios.

The 10 copies she had printed sold out quickly and got her talents noticed by local promoters who invited her to perform alongside gospel greats Rebecca Malope, Lundi amongst others at a showcase in Johannesburg.

Soon she was living alone in Yeoville making a living busking, before being invited to tour Botswana for two years performing her tester songs – the most popular of which was a reggae version of her genre.

Denga’s second album was not as popular as her debut and after spending some time studying and working for an insurance company and singing backing vocals for other GTP recording artists. She discovered reggae as her niche market and began to focus on this genre, while simultaneously being drawn into the Rastafarian way of life.

Reggae was also her ticket to attending the MIDEM concert in France 2009 where she met with Jamaican entertainers and executives.  MIDEM 2011 she signed a worldwide distribution deal with One Wish Entertainment.

“My Vision is to go out there and make a different through my voice. I believe that with the challenges that I had in life I might give somebody hope, motivate someone, offer somebody valuable advice, educate someone, or change a negative attitude into a positive one

The youth is the future of our world, so let my voice be had to those who want to make a different to the future of tomorrow.  If you can feel the burning of the fire that I have please join me to make a different to young peoples life through,

MY VOICE MY POWER!!!!” – Denga

Source: One Wish Entertainment






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