Furah Dread

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Birth Name     : Fundile Guqa
Known as       : Tutor,  Furah Dread (Musically)
Born                : 17 September 1991
Origin              : Bizana, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Genre              : Reggae Music
Occupation     : Singer, Guitar Player
Years Active   : 2012- Present
Label               : Independent
Cell Number   : 073 8557 184
EMAIL             : fundileguqa@gmail.com

Fundile Guqa (born on 17 September 1991) stage name Furah Dread. Furah is taken from his name Fundile and Dread as a Rasta with dread. Furah Dread is a South African singer, not signed with any label.

Fundile Guqa was born in Bizana in the Eastern Cape Province; he grew up in Bizana, Ndunge Location. He started primary school, senior and passed his matric by a bachelor’s degree at Ntukayi S.S.S. on 2010 he went at Mangosuthu University of Technology to study survey engineering as his career and at the same time doing his music as a part time, he started to write his songs on 2012 and is when he met Jeroma to assist him. Because Furah Dread did not know to play guitar, he was only writing songs and Jeroma play guitar. He met with Jeroma on 2011 because is when Furah Dread was living at home the whole year. On 2012 February he went to Limpopo to look for higher education, he didn’t get school. He lived with his father at Tumela mine. When his father was at work Furah Dread was busy writing songs in the room.

In 2015 when he was doing final year at Mangosuthu he bought a new guitar and learn it. And then he started his song afresh. 2015-2016 he composed many songs and 2016 August 28 he performed live on Durban in annually Reggae woman month celebration that was organized by Ras Ndumiso. Furah Dread shared a stage with hip hop artist, Afro pop artist and Reggae musicians. He performed the song called I WAS A PRISONER, where a drum player was Ras youngest, Furah Dread was performing using his acoustic guitar. On 2017 February 28 he decided to record a single called SMOKING at sonic studio Durban. The song took three hours to be completed, Colins produced. Furah Dread has no album recorded but has many songs he believe that after his single he will record full album…… The song smoking has been played  on radio stations in Eastern Cape and he also performed live in Bizana on 26 August 2017 at Tru FM Show the performance of the song smoking is also available at youtube. I have ten songs that are not recorded I’ve decided to record a single early this year



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