PitsiRa The First

pitsiRa4PitsiRa Ragophala

PitsiRA is a musical innovator who is well endowed with a creative energy and spirit; these qualities have

led him to push beyond the boundaries of conventional Hip-hop, Soul and Reggae music to create a new

style of music; Afrahipsoul (which he defines as an ‘Afrikan-Pedified’ combination of the respective

genres). He draws his inspiration from an extremely wide variety of musicians in all genres and evident

in his music and the subject matter of his songs is how firmly he is rooted in and influenced by Afrikan

culture and spirituality. PitsiRA sings about Afrikan unity, the absurdity of black on black violence, the

ancient traditions and values of Afrikan people which could be drawn upon to remedy many of the social

ills that plague the nation today, as well as his own life experience, growth and transformation. He

works closely with musicians from different parts of the Afrikan continent who add a unique flavour to

his music by singing in their native languages. PitsiRA performs solo or Accapella as well as with his live

band, ‘Outbox’, which was formed in November of 2012. Some highlights in his career thus far include

performing at the Royal Swazi Hotel and Mzumbe University in Morogoro, Tanzania where he shared

the stage with the well known South African group ‘The soil’. PitsiRA is currently working on an album

and his music is sure to appeal to any music lover who is open-minded and appreciative of music which

is experimental.

Tel: +27 72 770 1385 | mail: mrpromoarts@gmail.com





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