Skank and The Roots

skank and the roots

Skank and the Roots is a 5 piece reggae band that was formed in 1990 in Uitenhage. Their original roots reggae sound is led by the charismatic voice of lead singer Nkenke “Skank” Mooi. The band is composed of Desmond “Rebel” Dabula on Drums, Mkhangeli “MK” Matiwane on Bass, Deon Manell on guitar and Frank Barends on Keyboards. Skank alone composed well over 50 original roots reggae songs, much of which has never been recorded.The band’s most memorable show was when they performed in front of Nelson Mandela in 1993 at a packed stadium in Uitenhage. Seeing Madiba’s fist in the air as they played their Mandela tribute song “Red Spear” was an unforgettable moment. According to bassist Mkhangeli “MK” Matiwane, “each of their composition is original, carries strong emotions and a positive message. This is what Reggae is all about! A good skanking vibe that touches one’s soul.” Skank and the Roots are currently recording an EP at the Drop N roll Studio in Port Elizabeth which is set to be released in March 2015. 

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