Beenie Man in Gambia

Beenie Man in Gambia

Watch as Beenie Man arriving in Gambia and receiving a warm welcome right off the plane as he landed. Watch the ease with which he settles in and holds an impromptu press conference right there at the airport. Watch as he meets with a fan who flew in from England just to witness Beenie Man live in Gambia. Watch as the military salute him and the airport staff taking selfies with hm. Watch as he gets to be embraced by Gambia’s Beenie Man who was elated to meet the Real Beenie Man [They look so much alike, that you would think they got separated at Birth]. And finally, watch as he parades in a motorcade through the streets of Gambia, just like other Jamaicans who came before him [Sizzla, Capleton etc]. All of this took place in the first few hours of his arrival in The Gambia.

Beenie Man performed on  December 17, 2016 as part of his Unstoppable Tour. It was his first time performing in the west African Country, Gambia – The Smiling Coast of Africa.