Isha Bel and Ras Vuyo - Africa in Me and You

Brand new single From Isha Bel & Ras Vuyo – Africa in Me and You

South Africa and Jamaica Join in Song for African Solidarity

Isha Bel and Ras Vuyo - Africa in Me and You

On the heels of African Liberation Day May 25th One African Edutainment (South Africa) is pleased to announce the release of its work, Africa in Me and You EP. It is a collaboration between- South African reggae singer Ras Vuyo and Jamaican reggae chanteuse Isha Bel.

Africa In Me And You is a poignant composition created in response to the afrophobic attacks that keep taking place in South Africa, and the ongoing conflicts and wars that continue to take place in Africa. The song is a call of awakening to all African people to stop fighting and killing one another ,unite and harness the greatness in us as one African Family.

Isha Bel is one the toughest reggae artist coming out of Jamaica right now, consistently delivering positive and conscious music. She is surely taking the world by the storm with numerous releases across the globe .Her album Hear me now (One Woman Army) was made the Grammy Selection for voting List 2021. She was also nominated in Intl Female Artist of the Year category.

Ras Vuyo is a producer from South Africa, his Riddims have been voiced by Freddie McGregor, Yellowman, the late, Great Jimmy Riley and many more top International Reggae artists. Ras Vuyo’s last album called Diversion was nominated for Best Reggae album in the South African Music Awards, and for Best African Reggae album by Reggae France in 2018.

Isha Bel and Ras Vuyo started working together in 2007, one of Isha Bel’s biggest fan Ras Issachar for Roots FM in Kingston, Jamaica suggested that they do a combination tune.Isha Bel suggested that they do a song for African Unity and she actually wrote most of the lyrics on the song. The song was recorded in Jamaica and South Africa .The music is played by one of South Africa’s top Reggae bands, the Azania Band. Azania Band has performed as a backing band for a number of International Reggae artists including Iqulah Rastafari, Cedric Mayton, Judy Boucher, Anthony B, and many more.

The 3 track project features Straight, dub and instrumental track mixed and mastered by renown dub maestro and Producer Scientist (Hopeton Overton Brown)

Africa in You and me is available on all major digital platform and Bandcamp.


Title: Africa in Me and You EP
Lead Vocals : Isha Bel & Ras Vuyo
Producer/Executive Producer: Vuyo Dzingwe
Mixed & Mastered By : Scientist (Hopeton Overton Brown)
Label : One Afreeka Edutainment

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