Brother Culture and Samora - Home Again

Brother Culture and Samora – Home Again

Samora and Brother Culture are Home Again

Brother Culture and Samora - Home Again

Home Again is the third collaboration between Brixton based MC Brother Culture and Surinamese-Dutch singer Samora now
living mostly in Switzerland. But unlike the two first releases “Little Green Bag” and “How Long”, which were re-issues from old
classics, this is the first 100% original track by the two artists. The riddim has been produced by Res Staudenmann, guitar player for Swiss Reggae band “Open Season” and producer for Samora. Despite the rootsy old-school approach, “Home Again” is a modern Reggae production and an uplifting and funny song.

Home Again is about the best place in the world: your own four walls. After travelling a long time, what feels better than coming
back to your house, your apartment, your room, being welcomed by the people who surround, support, and love you? It is a song about the shelter where you feel most comfortable, where you belong and where you find peace, joy and happiness.


Title: Home Again
Artists: Brother Culture and Samora
Produced by: Res Staudenmann
Label: Evidence Music / Staudenmann
Genre: Reggae
Release: July 2021




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