Reggae Legend Colbert Mukhwevo receives Honorary Degree

Colbert Mukhwevho

Meet Dr Colbert Mukwevho

By Lufuno Munzhelele

The University of Venda has conferred an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in arts and social sciences degree to South African Reggae legend. Now he is officially known as Dr. Rudzani Colbert Mukwevho. The legend, who’s always in a joyous mood, said in an interview that he was excited to have been recognized for his work. Many of his fans had already started calling him Dr Colbert Mukwevho as early as last year as they felt he should have been honoured already.

Dr. Colbert Mukwevho’s music has educated, inspired, encouraged and entertained the people of South Africa for over four decades. His albums are books of wisdom that each man can study and live. According to Journalist ‘Lutendo Bobodi’s Facebook post: “ A lyrical genius with a militant disposition. He is prolific, gifted and long-sighted. He sings his mind without caring whose ox is being gored.”

Dr Colbert Mukwevho sings his songs in Luvenda, Xitsonga and English. During his acceptance speech which was directed to the youths, he spoke of the challenge facing the Luvenda language as well as its complexities. He also urged the youth to be inspirational. The Doctor of Philosophy in arts and social sciences also gave a performance to remind people why they love him so much.


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