Coolpro Royal Riddim: Various Artists from Africa and beyond

Coolpro Royal Riddim: Various Artists from Africa and beyond

Coolpro Royal Riddim

Title: Coolpro Riddim Vol 1 – 5
Various Artists
Produced by: OBK
Mixed and Mastered by: JJ Studios and Entertainment
Genre: Reggae
Release: June 2021

Coolpro Entertainment presents the Royal Riddim which boasts over seventy Artists from around the globe on Five Volumes. The Riddim was produced in Malawi by OBK, mastered in Holland by JJ Studios and Entertainment and Executive Produced by Joey Jermaine Martina, the man behind Coolpro Record label and Entertainment Company in Malawi.

This ambitious project aims to unite artists through music and has attracted artists from Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Ghana, Zambia, Cameroon, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Botswana, France, Kenya, Sweden and the UK among others.

Coolpro Entertainment offered the Riddim for free and made a call out to artists to ride on the riddim. It attracted and registered over 40 artists within a week of the announcement; by the time it approached the deadline, it had already over 70 artists including the likes of Black Omolo from Kenya, Kimaany from Cameroon, Euni Melo from Ghana, Binti Afrika from Kenya, L’titude from South Africa, Sally Nyundo from Malawi, MaryMo Undefined from Zimbabwe, and many more. A perfect blend of established, up and coming, known and unknown artists.
All five volumes dropped on 01 June 2021 and available across all digital platforms.

The Music

Coolpro Riddim Vol 1

Coolpro Riddim Volume 2

Coolpro Riddim Volume 3

Coolpro Riddim Volume 4

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