Autarchii - Disrupting The Status Quo

Disrupting The Status Quo – EP by Autarchii

Disrupting The Status Quo – EP by Autarchii

Autarchi - Disrupting The Status Quo


This Generation. Come fi rule the nation with Word Sound Power. This Generation is focused on knowledge of self. This Generation come not to revive Reggae but to continue the mission of the teachings contained in Reggae music. This Generation come with independent thought and self reliance. This Generation is uncompromising in their quest to reconnect with their African roots, the life source. This Generation come with a revolutionary approach to tackle the beast in the music industry. This Generation come to Disrupt The Status Quo.

Autarchii, the conscious Roots Reggae Artist dropped his second independent EP titled: Disrupting The Status Quo.

Something Necessary.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to Disrupt the Status Quo. If you pay careful attention to what the world has been reduced to, the last two years in particular, you will agree that the current state of affairs needs a disruption, a pause to reflect on where are we heading to, and to do that, we must have a collective introspection and in the spirit of Sankofa, whatever we have lost, forgotten or stripped off can be reclaimed and repurposed.

The nine track EP does just that, juxtaposes current situation in historical context to be able to move forward. All these messages carried in song and telling visuals.

It starts with the captivating Artwork that bears the faces of true revolutionaries. Autarchii sitting on a rock, in his Red Black Green Sweater reading Horace Cambell’s seminal book Rasta and Resistance, spliff in hand, feet immersed in water. The revolutionaries, pencil drawn on what seem to be scrunched up paper, are flanking Autarchii from behind and reflected on the water. The artwork is littered with symbolic meaning throughout. How many faces do you recognise on the cover? Is your mind disrupted yet?

The Intro has voices of people endorsing Autarchii and the project. It is not the voices of Big names or celebrities, but people close to him who provide a support system, including his Mother. An unconventional way of celebrating and thanking people who matter most.

The song arrangement and track titles continue the mission and take it even further with lyrics full of fire, wisdom and understanding. Autarchi demonstrates that he fully grasps and understands the situation (the status quo) he speaks/sings about, and not just skimming over things and using catchy phrases and sloganeering. Take track 7, Freedom in Africa for instance, he sings:

From Uganda to Kenya to South Africa to Nigeria to Ghana all the Youth dem inna Africa. / Youths dem in Soweto need South African Rand / ah the only thing dem need yah now fi Govern Up the Land / For the youths dem in Kibera, I Man say dem willing, only thing dem need yah now, some Kenyan Shillings / For the Youths dem in the Ghetto Bad Vibes say dem fi leggo, they shall strive and overcome / for the south dem in the Slum, do no buss no Gun, they know more blood sure will run.

He explains it better in this Facebook post: “This song gives you a historical lesson of how the Europeans gathered in 1884 to destroy the integrity of Africa and create Garrisons all over the world’s greatest continent. This a liberation song indeed! From Kenya to Uganda to Ghana to Azania, you will be pleased about this one. Umoja ni nguvu!!! “- Autarchii

Black Liberation Cry was released as a single and it also comes with its provocative artwork. You can feel the cry in this song, in the lyrics, in the delivery that comes straight from the heart.

Black Liberation Cry - Disrupting the Status Quo

All is not heavy and hectic in the EP as one might think. Black Beauty is there to brighten up any melanated woman with a smile. You might want to start your daily meditation with Rise With The Sun while Pomps n Pride will send you on a motivational ride throughout the day and by the end of the day, you might want to be home and be cradled by Escaping by the Night. As The Water Flows aptly seals off the EP. Water is Life.

Autarchii, meaning absolute power, is here to Disrupt The Status Quo. No Doubt. From the Artwork, to the track arrangement and titles, to revolutionary conscious lyrics right down to melodic delivery; This project rightfully earned the nomination for Best Reggae Album for 2021 and all the accolades and rave reviews that Autarchii is receiving along his journey.

Disrupting the Status Quo dropped on November 26, under RedARed Music Group label and distributed by Tuff Gong International is available across all Digital Platforms.

Title: Disrupting The Status Quo EP
Artist: Autarchii
Label: RedARed Music Group
Distributed by Tuff Gong International
Release: November 2021

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