I Dub What I Like – Tribute to Steve Biko

While Revolutionaries as individuals can be can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas. – Thomas Sankara

These are the sentiments carried in this album – I Dub What I Like –  A Tribute to Steve Biko by Steve Netshishivhe – that Steve Biko’s legacy and ideas live on in the youth of today, and will continue to inform the political and social landscape of future generations. Steve chose dub music as a medium of upholding the legacy of Steve Biko and dedicating the entire album to his memory and teachings as a deliberate move. Dub is a form that is meditative and allows for the messages to be carried across unhindered and clearly in almost a poetic chant, followed by a dub treatment that allows for the music to soak in.  But he also chose dub because it is his first love.

This is the 3rd studio album from the Venda native Steve Netshishivhe who is an Environmental Officer by day. He produces and records his own music at his recently touched up home studio in Pretoria where he is based. The music is strongly rooted and entrenched in Pan African ideology that can be exemplified by titles such as African Dub, Stepping out of Dub and Mr Wicked Man, all relating to the African man’s condition. The other song titles, like the Album title itself I Dub What I Like [adapted from I Write What I Like] are word plays on Steve Biko’s famous quotes like Black Man you’re on your own, dubbed into You are on your Dub or Black Consciousness Dub or Dubbing for Freedom. Embracing all aspects and facets of Biko in Dub.

The 12 track album opens with Tribute to Steve Biko, a Nkosi Sikelel ‘iAfrica dub treatment where the other Steve literally talks about who Steve Biko is and why he was assassinated and how his legacy lives on. A way of introducing Biko to those who are unfamiliar with him and also a lead into the album’s message and whats to follow. It simplifies the Man thus prompting whoever is listening to want to know more about Biko the Man.

The entire album is a listening pleasure that stays true to its dub roots. It is not overladen with sound effects nor post production overdubbing. It is raw and basic in its treatment, with minimal echo and reverb, sticking to the basics only. It also has that unmistakable Limpopo Reggae vibes that are in essence South African reggae signature, the identifier of Reggae from the southern tip of Africa, popularised by Africa’s King of Reggae, Luky Dube.

The album in currently available only in physical copies directly from the artist himself. Unfortunately not yet available online. You would need to call Steve himself to get a copy. Tel: 0769417508

I Dub What I Like – Tribute to Steve Biko Steve Netshishivhe I Dub What I like - BackAlbum: I Dub What I Like – Tribute to Steve Biko
Artiste: Steven Netshishivhe
Produced and Mastered by: Steve Netshishivhe
Recorded at: Deep Roots Studios
Released: July 2016