Title: Love Stories EP
Artiste: Freeky
Mixed by: Christopher Hart for Black Blood Muzik
Executive Produced by: Robin Mabunda for Dreaded Sounds
Distributed by: Dreaded Sounds
Release: February 2015

It is clear that a lot of energy was expended in creating the Love Stories EP and, if the overall quality of the project is anything to go by, then Freeky, Christopher Hart and Robin Mabunda ’s efforts were not in vain. What is striking about Freeky is the streetwise lyrical flow he possesses which is not intimidating to the uninitiated and the clarity with which one can hear the various types of music which have shaped his own personal style regardless of the fact that the majority of the songs on his latest offering are Reggae and Dancehall.

Whilst the strong gospel influence is evident on songs such as Heaven Train and the sad love song Not meant to be (featuring Aya Zungu); the club-banger Move (featuring Molly and Patexx) is a fusion of Dancehall, Kwaito and Hiphop. Shattered Memories is a song that stands out because of the intensity of emotion expressed in it; in this very gloomy song he sings about heart break and takes us through the thoughts and deep feelings of sorrow and lack experienced by someone after a failed relationship. S’bongile Reloaded on the other hand is the extreme opposite, a funky and jazzy celebration of a love affair. This song was released as a single and the official music video for it has been  a great success on YouTube reaching over 40 000 hits within a short period of time.

A great strength demonstrated by this singer- singjay is his ability to write songs about topics and experiences that hit home to different kinds of people. He also has an unpredictable streak as it is very unusual to hear a young artist depict or sing about a Family gathering as a preferred destination for their entertainment as he does in his collaboration with Tabeta Cshae. All the songs on the project are testimony to Robin’s prowess as a music producer and how well he, together with Proff and Christopher Hart, were able to respond to the artist’s needs and produce music which brought out Freeky’s best musical self. The ‘LoveStories EP’ is a well-rounded and well packaged project which is a proud representation of what South African Reggae music currently has to offer.


Visualizzazione di Freeky_Love Stories_Square.jpg


  1. My Queen
  2. Miss Gemstone
  3. True Colors
  4. Shattered Memories
  5. Not meant to be
  6. Heaven Train ft. Christopher Hart
  7. I Swear
  8. Near me Feat. Stacious
  9. Sibongile Reloaded
  10. Family Gathering feat.Tabeta CShae
  11. Move feat. Molly ‘Superman oMnyama’ & Patexx