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From Hip Hop to Dancehall: Bliksemstraal aka WipeOut

From break dancing to Hip hop to Dancehall. WipeOut aka Bliksemstraal is not your quintessential Bboy, he manages to transition effortlessly from Afrikaaps Hip hop to Dancehall without loosing a beat. He has worked with Hip Hop heavyweights such as Ready D, POC, Brasse Vannie Kaap and Black Noise. He has been featured on over a dozen Dancehall Riddims coming out of Cape Town; he will be opening up for Sizzla Kalonji Live in Cape Town and is set to release his EP The Gaza Wors. Below is a chat we had with him as he explains the difference between his two personalities, Bliksemstraal and WipeOut

Who is Bliksemstraal/ Wipeout?
Bliksemstraal is a local hip hop hero who started off as a B boy in the early 90’s with one vision only, to succeed in what ever he does. As a high school student I started seriously creating rhymes and rapping as a hobby and also to express himself.The word BLIKSEMSTRAAL means Bolt of lightning. We know after lightning strikes its followed by loud thunder, the sound of GOD almighty talking to his people. BLIKSEMSTRAAL is also an inspiration to speak in ones mother tongue.
Bliksemstraal raps in Cape Flats local language”AfriKaaps” or Afrikaans as its known.
WipeOut spits in Jamaican patios/English on the dancehall Reggae tip.

How different is Bliksemstraal from WipeOut.?
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