Fyah Prince – Le Prince du Feu

Le Prince du Feu | The Prince of Fire – Fyah Prince

Fyah Prince - The Prince of Fire

Let us listen to positive lyrics as it will only do one thing: Uplift and encourage more Positivity –
Fyah Prince

Mpho Kevin Nthai became known as The Fyah Prince when he started writing righteous fierce lyrics back in 2006. He was initially into Hip Hop and dabbing a bit into House Music and really thought dancing was his destiny; so passionate about dancing that he never could imagine himself doing anything other than dance; but when Reggae music hit him, he could not help but reconnect. Growing up in Tshifudi Village, a suburb of Vhembe district in the Limpopo province of South Africa where Reggae music is consumed on the daily, it was not difficult to reconnect. In actual fact, his uncle who was a real reggae fanatic has a photo of one year old Mpho holding a Bob Marley Vinyl.

Fast Forward to 2013 Fayah Prince releases his debut album Fire Chant, only available in hard copies. The Album Jah Sent came out in 2018 followed by Judgement and More Love EP in 2019. He continued blazing with Fire Lighter EP and Rast-I-fication Album in 2020. Then came Olden Days in 2021 which is to be followed by Burning Hot EP coming out on his Earthstrong on December 25 and throughout that period he released a string of over 100 singles under his Speela Records Label.

He then relocated with his wife to Rochefort in the Southern West region of France and was blessed with 2 children and now happily settled in France. He reckons it is a great environment for his music:

“France is the one of the Biggest countries in Europe with more than 50 provinces where each has got their own Reggae festivals marking France as the number 1 Reggae Country in Europe with so many acts involved in World Reggae just in Paris alone. Can’t come anywhere near South Africa as their support is non compromising and somehow fixed. The support for Reggae is enormous in France.”

Nevertheless, Fire Prince always made it his mission to come home every year to keep the fire burning and water the roots that nurtured him. That is, until the Corona frenzy that had the whole world on lock down with travel restrictions. As if that was not enough, he has experienced undue difficulties in navigating the industry’s music rights association. He is still in the process of transferring his copyrights to SACEM, the French Musical Rights Organization from SAMRO, the South African Music Rights Organisation, and that turned out to be somehow hellish and hindering his progress as SAMRO is holding up things up.

Fyah Prince
In SA with: R-L: Black Supreme, JJ Alcapone, Red I Scorch, Fyah Prince

The move to a new country has had a positive impact on him in so many ways. He says that even the way of listening to music has shifted a bit.

I have totally diverted from the normal way of listening to music to a specific special way of uplifting my surroundings and everyone around me with Positive yet uplifting music meaning I listen to every music that is helping mankind get off their feet and face reality whilst staying positive in life.

Faya Prince is all about positive fire, his pet peeve is music that promotes violence, abuse, self hate, divide and rule, raping as well as trafficking of human kind. He urges fans to wake up and research enough about their role models and see if they are genuine. With all the recent scandals of big stars being arrested for paedophilia and others selling their souls for silver and gold, it is up to the fans to be vigilant in choosing what they consume. Let’s keep up with listening to positive lyrics as fans as it will only do one thing:.Uplift and encourage more Positivity. 

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