Heavy Line Up of Reggae Music at Muizenburg Unity Jam 2019

Muizenberg Unity Jam

The Muizenburg Unity Jam 2019 – Everybody’s Festival

The second installment of the Unity Jam has a big showing of Cape Town Reggae Artists, with over 30 artists and DJs on the line up. Unity Jam is a concept by South African band Trenton and Free Radical with the idea of creating a truly inclusive event; a family holiday experience affordable and accessible to all Capetonians and beyond, utilising Cape Town’s iconic beach resort and holiday destination, Muizenberg. Unity Jam, is in its second installment after being successfully hosted in Langa in 2014 with a diverse line up that included Gentleman, Ifani, Youngsta, Jeremy Loops, King Themba and more. It has expanded on the core idea of being an all inclusive festival attracting crowds from all walks of life through strategic Music Programming to now making it a truly inclusive affair by focusing more on Family and Lifestyle activations in combination with Music.

Unity Stage
Trenton and Free Radical band has been working with the Reggae Community for many years and they enlisted the help of veterans Ras Teba Shumba and Judah Roots to put up a truly diverse and inclusive line up of Reggae artists and DJs in Cape Town which also includes Hip Hop, Ska and Dub. This Line up is truly a reflection of the the aims of the festival, to be inclusive and Unify. The artists and DJs represented come from very diverse sub-cultures of Reggae in Cape Town and it is such a joy to see then on one stage.

Unity Stage - Unity Jam

Putting this event together was not a choice. It was an obligation. Cape Town is still such a divided city and our music is all about bringing people together so when Marco came up with the idea it was a done deal.
Trenton Birch. Artist, Industry Leader and Family Man

The Venue
The festival aims to be; inclusive to all, safe, fun and educational with an uplifting feeling of community spirit, spreading a message of unity and understanding. A festival where everybody is given an opportunity to participate, executed to the highest and international standard , which thrives on unity in diversity of its participants.

Muizenberg beach resort is situated next to Western Cape’s biggest urban centres. It is Home to Surfers Corner, one of Cape Town’s iconic surf spots, Sunrise Beach, water-slides, ample green spaces, ideal infrastructure designed for tourism, great public and private transport access, enough parking, 40 min from International Airport, accommodation for everyone and bars, markets, restaurants & shops to your heart’s desire. The Unity Jam will hoist the Red Gold and Green flag on the weekend of Reconciliation Day and bring much needed fire to such spaces with a tendency of being exclusive to some.

Unity Jam - Teba Shumba

U.N.I.T.Y is the fundamental foundation of all progressive INTENTIONS and Muizenberg is one of the most diverse, multi-cultural suburbs where people from different walks of life come to meet and celebrate LIFE and LIGHT. Unity Jam I’m in and so should everybody else be!
Teba Shumba – De Original Social Worker

The four main social pillars of the festival are Sports; Family and Kids; Festival Conocerce and Lifestylers with 12 different stages and venues to choose from, and our choice will be the Unity Stage on 14 December 2019.

The Muizenburg Unity Jam will take place on 14 -15 December at Muizenburg, Cape Town. For  Event Details and venues click here.

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