Introducing Fyah Prince

He started off as a Dancer, then joined a Hip Hop group, but did not last, then made a switch to Dancehall. It was only when he met with a Reggae producer that things started to fall into place and his journey truly began. This is Fyah Prince, a TshiVenda artist who has since relocated to Johannesburg and about to release his sophomore album.  Below is his story.

Who is Fyah Prince?
I came up with the name Fyah Prince after weeks of meditating on a name that could carry  my musical reggae career back in 2007. I am from Venda where there is a King of Reggae who is Colbert Mukwevho so I am the Prince because I believe in the influence my music has.

How and when did your journey as a musician begin?
My Music career began back in 1995 as a member of the group called Skelem which was a Hip Hop outfit. Then I started writing some material in Dancehall back in 2007 where I wrote a lot of tracks which where on my first Album released in 2012,  most of these tracks will be released as Reload since they were not professionally mastered.

What type of music would you describe yourself doing and for who
Reggae Music has been a calling in my life so I enjoy playing good Music for my Rasta people all the time but also approaching the youth with the style that I am using which is a full self expression but yeah, conscious people are my target audience whether young or old. I have been doing all my music in Venda and it has been very difficult for me to push my music since most Venda people are not familiar with my sounds which led me into pushing my music on the internet where I have gained more popularity worldwide where I have DJ’s in Ghana, Gambia, United Kingdom and Jamaica playing my music. I have recently relocated to Joburg where I am getting more shows and have four shows lined up before the end of the year.

Tell us about your new album.
I am working on an album called Jah Sent and is due to be released this December. Most of the material on the Album were done by Ras Chepah who is Wayout Records SA producer and beside him I worked with Dr Ozz Beatz for HMR Records having featured Ras Chepah for Wayout Records, NICORDEMIC for Dermic Fam, Robin Thief for GoonSquad. My Record Label is Wayout Records SA.

How has the general response to your previous work been? What have you learnt from that experience?
Previous Album never did  well but patience, determination with more focus has been the ultimate key on keeping up in this rocky road. More focus on marketing and distribution to get wider audience is one of the plans.

How do you plan to get your music to a wider audience?
The internet has been playing a major role in getting my music out there so I am just gonna keep doing what I have been doing and more to make sure that more audiences are reached. Promotions in the Clubs as well as the Charity organisation (Clothes for Charity) that I have joined to be their regular Artist in all the events they will be hosting in future.

Are you signed/attached to a label/management?
Fyah Prince is an independent Artist ever since the formation of Fyah Prince.

What are you currently working on?
Fyah Prince is very innovative so there is always new material going on and Today I was lacing the new track ‘The Lion Of Judah‘ and there will be three video shoots before the end of the year, so yeah we busy getting things together but still seeking more promoters locally and internationally.

Which musicians do you draw your inspiration from?
I got all my inspiration from the late ‘Garnet Silk’ who inspire me a lot with the spirit he always puts when he sings.

Which artist would you like to work/collaborate with?
I am willing to collaborate with any Artist who is doing good music for the people whether local or international caz music is not a competition but a way to convey good message to the people out there

Which do you prefer; live performances or studio work?
Live performance is always on point.


Skype:  fyahprince2
Tel: +27 764243597  | +27 792134034
FIRE PRince Cover

Track Listing

1. Be Free
2. All That I Want
3. Lion Of Judah
5. Jah Bless Me
6. Praising The Most High feat Ras Chepah
7. Be Straight
8.Ini Mini Mani Mo
9. Blaze feat NICORDERMIC
10. Wave Your Flag
11. Thanking You
12. Another Reggae Song
13. Free up feat Ras Dam Dee
14. Lover feat Robin Thief
15. Illusion
16. Everywhere
17. Always Remember
18. Bad Turns To Good
19. Clowns

20. Woman

Produced by Ras Chepah except for Blaze Produced by Salif for MYM Records, Everywhere & Lover produced by Dr Ozz Beats and Clowns produced by Shimm

Dr Ozz Beatz as the executive Master and Mixer

The Album release: TBA