James Mange and The Whiplashes – FireMaster | Album

James Mange - FireMaster

FireMaster -@James Mange

Title: FireMaster
Artist: James Mange and the Whiplashes
Composed and Arranged by: James Mange
Mastered by: Gabriel Tshisikule
Genre: Reggae
Label: James Mange
Release: 21 December 2018
Listen & Download: Africori

James Mange - FireMaster

Track List

  1. Let it be so
  2. Stop Gramblin
  3. Are you sure
  4. How quik
  5. Firemaster
  6. Clean Up
  7. Killing Fields
  8. Not this time
  9. Game Down
  10. I See Garvey
  11. Matola Raid

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