Young Music Prodigy Kailash Traces His Roots To Africa

Kailash - Ke Mosotho

Tracing his roots to Africa, young music prodigy Kailash

Thirteen year old Kailash, a native of the United States traces his roots back to Africa, In his upcoming Single titled Ke Mosotho, Kailash makes a reveal of his Sotho heritage.

.“My mother’s mother and father are both from Lesotho. I have been visiting Lesotho since I was a baby. I just made my last trip in May of 2024.”

Kailash has been performing/recording since the age of 9. He went on tour with Reggae legend Don Carlos and has also worked with accomplished musicians such as Clinton Fearon of the Gladiators, Subatomic Sound System, Anthony B, the Scientist. Ponto de Equilibrio, Kubix, Errol Brown and Jaime Hinckson. The youthful musical prodigy was a 2021 International Reggae Awards (IRAWMA) nominee for Best New Young Artist.


That propelled him to form his own band in which he plays keyboard and lead vocals This was followed by the release of his debut album, Across the Ocean. This year , he will be a featured performer at the Reggae Reggae on the River Festival. 

Kailash is now working on the Single ‘Ke Mosotho’ which translates to I am a Mosotho. He will record and perform it in Sesotho, although he is not completely fluent. This is to assert himself as a Mosotho boy. African heritage is present in this rising musical star.

My mother’s mother’s side of the family are Manyeli and my mother’s father’s side are Nteso. They grew up in Hlotse. We stay in Hlotse when we visit. We also have some family up at Ha’seetsa that we always see when we visit. My grandparents came to the U.S. to study but always remained connected to their roots.” ~ Kailash.



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