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King Mas – Age of Knowledge [Strictly Yard Music]

King Mas - Age of Knowledge

From the Love Rasta Riddim produced by Strictly Yard Music

Title: Age of Knowledge
Vocals: King MAS
Riddim: Noel Alphonso
Mix and Mastering: Dan Grossman
Track Artwork: Junior Rodigan
Produced By: Strictly Yard Music
Distribution: Independent Distribution Collective (IDC)

A powerful deconstruction of the epoch in which we live. The rapid evolution of technology, and the expansion of the wealth of information available to each individual, has ushered in a new phase of human consciousness. As our cosmic path leads us to a state of self-knowledge, unity, and clarity, we release the egoism, materialism, and ignorance that defined the age of empire. We step boldly into our remembrance of who we are as spiritual beings moving through the mediums of time and space. As the old guard falls away, the next generation is uncovering and reinvigorating all that the oligarchs of old sought to suppress. The Age of Knowledge has begun!

King MAS, 2019