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King Mas – Flat Earth [Bantu Nation Movement]

King MAS speaks on “Flat Earth” theory, the importance of herbal medicine, & social engineering via “propaganda”!

Title: Flat Earth
Artist: King Mas
Produced by: Kongo Ayo
Label: Bantu Nation Movement
Genre: Reggae
Release: June 2018

“In the days of our ancestors,
All the earth was green,
Now them ah feed di youths dem propaganda,
Confusion outta street!

In recent years, Reggae music has been blessed with a new crop of young artistes that are both willing and able to address topics as they arise in the cultural zeitgeist. King MAS, the musical Obeah man, has proven to be one of the most consistent among them in thoroughly unpacking various issues in ways that are lyrical, dynamic, & circumspect while crafting musically compelling compositions to act as containers for the musical medicine.

In comes “Flat Earth, the latest single from King MAS & the Bantu Nation Movement. This track features the signature production style of South African Reggae production guru Kongo Ayo (formerly known as “Bereket Tafari”) who was also responsible for the production of the massive hit “Never Again” featured on the Chimurenga Riddim (released by D.O.V.E. Muzik) in 2016. This release is the first track to hit the speakers of the reggae world from the King’s upcoming “Crown” album (more info to be announced soon) and it will be sure to keep dance floors bubbling while provoking much thought about the current state of affairs in the ostensibly “conscious” community.

“Stay woke” is the current slogan of many as widespread, and justified, mistrust of the institutions that surround us sweeps across the globe. From our educational system to our medical institutions to the bloated and corrupt governmental structures that impose themselves on the free and sovereign citizens of earth, this generation knows the nature of the game being played as well as any other in human history. Being born in the information age has afforded humanity an unprecedented amount of access to information which has produced some unfortunate byproducts.

The rise of “fake news”, and pseudoscience peddled as enlightenment, has created stark divisions among erstwhile allied forces in the struggle against all forms of oppression. King MAS addresses the need for greater unity & focus on mastering our environment in order to cultivate that which shall sustain us going forward rather than endlessly debating on topics that have been settled by our Bantu ancestors eons ago. 

“..See them poisoning the well
Seekers of the light them use the glare just to repel,
Information overload within their citadel,
Galileo still new to them, flat earth them come ah sell, debating on the shape of the plane on which we dwell, while them building Sophia, summoning demons out of hell, Artificial intelligence, no ghost within the shell, Wonder if ah brave new world or Orwell..”

Download the new single here and follow King MAS on social media to weigh in on the “Flat Earth” reasoning and/or keep up with the latest news/releases from the King.