Luciano Cancels Africa Tour

After much speculation the official announcement came via Jamaican news outlets that Luciano cancelled his entire African Tour that was scheduled for the month of October. The shows had to be cancelled  ‘following warnings by Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson that entertainers should avoid travel to Ebola-affected countries of West Africa,’ states the JamaicaObserver.  Even though non of the countries he was scheduled to perform were the affected areas, precautions had to be taken. It seems Africa is a country after all.

The African tour was scheduled for Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe and it came as a blow to both Promoters and Fans alike, as many were looking forward to The Messenjah’s concerts. It was to be the first performance  by a Jamaican artist in Malawi, and he would have been returning to South Africa and Ghana for the second time respectively.

An article in the Jamaican blog site  falsely stated that Luciano had left the island for the Africa tour despite rising fears of Ebola. This must have raised the alarm for many thought that Luciano was being selfish and putting Jamaicans at risk, and therefore putting pressure on the artist and promoters to be clear about the situation.

The JamaicaObserver further states that  ill health as well as the request from the Jamaican Government helped Luciano form the decision to cancel his trip.

“Complying with strict doctor’s orders, [I] have been prevented from performing at any shows scheduled in this period,” the statement from Luciano read in part.

Although there has been no official announcement from the local promoters, it is widely confirmed by news reports and social media that the entire tour has been cancelled.


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