Maveriq - Amavo

Maveriq releases, Amavo – A Journey with Azania

Maveriq releases, Amavo – A Journey with Azania

You will never be not attached to this year long project as it talks about life engagements through the eyes of Maveriq. From the single release of Izinyembezi Zam in October 15 2020 to Kungahlala ku-Irie dropping in May 01 2021 followed by Qiqa Mzala, May 30th 2021 we, Maveriq alongside Azania Band, did not disappoint reggea lovers (infact music lovers in general).

After celebrating his June 25 earthmonth, he then as promised released an 8 track, 9 dubs album, Amavo – a journey with Azania, 30th June 2021 which recieved an overwhelming reception. On Sat 03 July 2021, Ten radio stations reggae presenters (consisting of community, provincial, national, abroad and online stations) picked songs that they like (a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5). We are humbled to let you know that out of the 8 songs in the album, only 2 were not playlisted. Indulge yourself with this feast:

1. Ithuba Lam
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Ricky Bushula and Mavo Jokazi aka Maveriq
Gist – out of all happenings I will never forget my oppression era.

2. Izinyembezi Zam
Artist – Maveriq ft Samkelo Siba
Composer – Ricky Bushula, Wakhile Xhalisa, Samkelo Tukulula aka Samkelo Siba, and Maveriq
Gist – it hurts deeply to see people not proud of who they are.

3. Kungahlala ku-Irie
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Ricky Bushula and Maveriq
Gist – the more we are together the Irie (happier) it shall be.

4. Liwile
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Wakhile Xhalisa, Ricky Bushula and Maveriq
Gist – babylon has fallen, wake up and walk tall. The Most High One and your ancestors will never leave you astray.

5. Ndiyamthanda Lona
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Ricky Bushula and Maveriq
Gist – this music frees my soul hence I’m fond of it.
Talking about creativity – the song is a combination of Maveriq’s 5 previously released songs from the albums, Igubu (2006) and Tshuz Mazkhethele (2010) with the chorus as a new input.

6. Qiqa Mzala
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Ricky Bushula and Maveriq
Gist – its high time that you stay focused Mzala (my friend) because you are creating onslaught when you’re not proud of who you are.

7. Thetha Nembilini Yakho
Artist – Maveriq ft Yunives
Composer – Ricky Bushula, Phumza Ndyalvane aka Yunives, and Maveriq.
Gist – for you to obtain what you want in life, pay attention to your inner voice and speak to yourself.

8. Zenibe Nam
Artist – Maveriq
Composer – Ricky Bushula and Maveriq
Gist – Mawethu (my ancestors) be with me even though at times I make mistakes like everyone.

Amavo, The album is available in all major digital platforms and here:

Now that you have taken time to read and acquint yourself above, you are therefore automatically invited on 18 July 2021 by clicking the link below for more info about the FREE ONLINE ALBUM LAUNCH:




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