Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continues to push boundaries

Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continuously pushing boundaries, changing the norm, quickly moving beyond static thinking by reinventing the game. He is fast becoming an industry thought leader by breaking tradition and creating ground-breaking possibilities for growth for himself and others in the music business, he has a profound insight to how certain music processes come together by simply being able to understand the context of situations that may arise in and around him allowing him to establish a foundation for him to build upon, all for the purpose of show casing his talents and the attributes that his music is able to portray. Don Dada in the entertainment industry has achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer since he made his debut on the prestige 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage in Johannesburg South Africa and now making history as the FIRST African artist to perform on the prestige Bob Marley Tribute Concert Stage, during Reggae month and in Reggae’s 50th year at a time that reggae is declared a protected culture. He is now the first international artist to perform on Jamaica LIVE.

Collaborating withReggae Powerhouse Bank producer Leroy Scarlett, Don Dada has released three (3) singles that have quickly become popular at home and aboard:

  • Jah Is Good, produced by Leroy Scarlet and distributed through the legendary Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong International was released in January 2019
  • Message from AfriKa featuring Reggae Powerhouse Band and produced by Leroy Scarlet and distributed through the legendary Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong International was released in May 2019
  • LION featuring the legendary Grammy-winning dynamic duo, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare of the Taxi Gang who produce for the likes of The Rolling Stoned, Grace Jones, The Beatles & Shaggy amongst others. Released July 2019. A powerful lyrically charged track which Don Dada’s translation is that LION is an audio representation of the visuals with Emperor Hallie Selassie-I the first, sitting on the throne with his lions sitting at the foot of the throne.

“So the song is basically declaring that ‘I AM A LION” of Selassie and no matter whatever shall come before us we shall conquer it. It also sings back to the indomitable spirit of us as Africans that no matter what hardships we may be going through you know people that be coming from out of whichever area KZN and coming to the concrete jungle of Johannesburg they are lions roaring in the jungle and their call will be heard – So it’s a declaration of power and pride. It’s a very spiritual song, it’s also a prayer that we stand tall and our giants fall, we will always be favoured by God – we are the David’s we don’t fear Goliath. ROOOOAAAR!” – Don Dada

Within 6 months of the Bob Marley tribute concert, Don Dada received a 2nd invite to perform in Kingston Jamaica came from Jamaica LIVE concerts founder David White.

Don Dada and Seed Under where well received and through a sterling performance now grace the front page of the Jamaican Gleaner . To quote the first paragrapgh of the article ‘Jamaica Live, David White’s lively production, was illuminated by an astonishing dominant performance from international guests Don Dada and Seed Under from South Africa and Bonafide, a Jamaican reggae band based in Las Vegas. White also graced the stage as his alter ego, ‘Skill’, along with his brother Phillip, aka ‘Phillipidon’, and ­together, they showcased the best of the ’80s and ’90’s’

Don Dada visit was filled with success stories as Tuff Gong International extended an invitation to the album launch of Third World by Damien Marley.

Don Dada and Nadine Sutherland
Don Dada and Nadine Sutherland

This lead to Don Dada and Seed Under spending time with Damien Marley’s mother- Cindy Breakspeare and with Legendary Jamaican artist JC Lodge, Charlene Davis, Nadine Sutherland, Stephen (CAT) from Third World Band and Bongo Herman amongst others.

Leroy Scarlett of Reggae Powerhouse Band had played a major role in Don Dada and Seed Under’s careers. This relationship was formed after a Radio Host M C Cool-I based in Montreal Canada, broadcasting out of New York interviewed Don Dada and that interview was heard by Leroy Scarlett in Jamaica. Leroy contacted that station requesting to work with Don Dada and the rest is history.

Cover Pic: Don Dada and Cindy Breakspeare



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