MzansiReggae Essentials: The Limpopo Reggae Mix

MzansiReggae Essentials - The Limpopo Reggae Mix

MzansiReggae Essentials: The Limpopo Reggae Edition

Jerusalema by Master KG is currently the biggest and viral track right now, with over 70k Youtube Views, Burna Boy hopped on it with a Remix and it spunned the latest dance challenge from all over the world. Master KG is from Limpopo. The great Limpopo province happens to be also the home of Reggae. Every year Limpopo produces a hit track that competes for National Song of the Year. When the dust settles and the hype is gone, it is Reggae that consistently permeates throughout the region.

This is the soundtrack that gives a background of the Limpopo Reggae landscape, the Limpopo Reggae Culture rooted in Ubuntu where all the musicians are supportive of each other and not idolizing one man. A culture that has young artists vibing seamlessly with veterans and ideas and teachings being exchanged; A reggae culture that has fans and supporters who are equally important in the chain and are treated with respect and in return they show love for their artists. A region where the artists make sure that they make available CDs of their albums, for they know and understand what their listeners need, not what the industry dictates.

MzansiReggae teamed up with DJ Rollman the number one DJ outta Limpopo who has been churning out Artists Mixes, that includes award winning artists like Dr. Colbert Mukhwevho, Shafflers Ragimana, Kenny Wailer Murabi, Jahman Chiganja. You can check out his mixes here. The Limpopo Reggae mix is Compiled and Mixed by DJ Rollman who is also the Official DJ for Shufflers Ragimana. This first Volume is not a comprehensive mix, but just gives a glimpse of the sounds from veteran artists to the now generation, all coming out of Limpopo, it will be followed by more mixes as we try to cover the vast reggae vibes from the province in intercepted sound bytes. Be on the look out for Volume 2 of #LimpopoReggae

The Mix

Title: MzansiReggae Essentials - The Limpopo Reggae Mix Vol 1
Compiled and Mixed by: DJ Rollman
Hosted by: MzansiReggae
Artists: Various Artists
Genre: Reggae
Release: August 2020
Download: Dokofala | MediaFire | Mega

MzansiReggae Essentials - The Limpopo Reggae Mix

Track List

1. Ras Canly - Intro
2. Jah Soldier - Ri Dededze
3. Judah - See Us Through
4. Addy Luvhengo - The Don't Care
5. Shufflers Ragimana -U Hone Rasta
6. Rasta Bathu - Vhana
7. Jacky Nethomboni - Vha Khou Fara Chance
8. Kenny Murabi - Ma BFF
9. Ras Canly - Lufuno
10. Dr Colbert Rudzani Mukwevho - Ndo Lindela
11. Benjamin Maurell - Hold On
12. Given Madzunya - Vhaporofita
13. P.Postman Mukwevho - Ndo Enda



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