Madd Bwoy Khaki - Dark Place

New Single from Madd Bwoy Khaki – Dark Place

Madd Bwoy Khaki –  Dark Place (Mental Health Awareness)

Madd Bwoy Khaki - Dark Place

Title: Dark Place
Artist: Madd Bwoy Khaki
Lyric video by: Cashbid E.N.T
Riddim produced by: Jusa dementor.
Audio mixed and mastered by: Crayz G
Label: LawsEmpire MusicLab
Release: November 2021

A new single from Madd Bwoy Khaki tackling Mental Health issues has been released under the LawsEmpire MusicLab label and is now available across all digital platforms.

It go so…

No matter you are inna dark place
Hold your medz and don’t ever stress
Matter you are inna darkest place hoieee

Anxiety and anger cant rule me no longer
Standing stronger with Jah you will conquer er
From you have the life then it never too late
Positivity me use till death
Yet another day a chance to be great
Just live your life and celebrate

Matter you are in a dark place
Hold your medz and don’t ever stress
Mind is a power you posses
Trust in Jah and worry less

Sometimes it dark it feel so empty
Hard to go by stress ah pile up plenty
Mind too idle ah de devil workshop
Do wey yuh love an dnt ever stop
Sometimes it sunny ana sometimes it rain
Life full ah obstacle ah so it design
After de storm den we have de sunshine
Dat star inna you,let it shine

We never give up we live an learn
Keep your head up matter life take ah turn
Mental health is a big concern
Share your pain an stop from burn
When you down ana feel so hopeless
Trust de process,every step ah progress
Happiness over stress nothing less
Play your part Let God do de rest



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