Bani Fyah - Signs of the Times

New Video from Bani Fyah – Signs Of The Times

The Message - Sign of the Times

New Video from Bani Fyah - Signs Of The Times

Bani Fyah, The Zion Dawta outta Uganda releases visuals for the thought provoking song titled: Sign of the Time. With great visuals and the message in the music, Bani Fyah got something fresh for the youth as she is representing for the poor and needy. She is lyrically on point as she declares:

Holdin the Faith / Nuttin ah easy / Nuff Times we are vex til we fed op
Roll ana blaze til we eyes dem red op / All de innocent blood dem ah shed op
Look out fi di serpent and keep unu head op / Badmind dirty heart want di yute dem fi dead op
Wise up cah di ting nah dread op / Heights of Glory we seal and dwel op
Dem Cyaan size op cos dem soul dem sell op
Just the signs of the times and nuttin ah easy / Represent this one for the poor and needy

The Video

The Audio


Title: Signs of the Times
Artist: Bani Fyah UG
Song Produced by: Jafo Pon Di Beat
Directed by: Elly Workz
Label: Karibbean Records
Genre: Reggae
Release: September 2020

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