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Ngatigare Murudo (Let’s Live In Love) – A message from Advokate I Dzemabweh

Advokate I Dzemabweh Advocates for Living in Love – Ngatigare Murudo

Advokate I Dzemabweh

Reggae music is for spreading love, awareness as well as promoting unity

Gabriel Muchanyu hails from Torwood, a small mining town of Kwekwe in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. The historic 1980 Zimbabwe Independence Day performance of Bob Marley inadvertently had an impact on his view and outlook on life coupled with growing up in the dusty streets of Torwood and getting exposed to the daily struggles of life shaped him into who he is today – an advocate for social change, living in love and reggae music.

I remember growing up, there was too much of reggae and dancehall music all around the community. My brother Kumbirai would play me ‘Hurry up’ by Cocoa Tea the whole day and I didn’t like it back then. Later on when he returned from South Africa he brought a collection of Lucky Dube and Matshikosi music and I couldn’t resist it anymore.

When he eventually decided to enter the music scene – in 2011 after watching a group of students performing at the school year end program – he settled on the name Advokate I Dzemabweh.

I’ve been and still advocating for the betterment of mankind through music hence the first name Advokate I taken from advocate. My last name Dzemabweh originated from the word Dzimbadzemabwe (House of stones) popularly known as Great Zimbabwe which is also where the name Zimbabwe came from.

He then started searching for riddims/ beats which were scarce back then, wrote his first song and boom the journey started.  He only managed to get into a proper recording studio early  in 2014 and the reception for his output was not that bad.  Years later, in 2021, he released his first single titled Ngatigare Murudo (Let’s Live In Love). A lyrical flow which highlighted his songwriting skills through a self-taught process and passed on knowledge. Since then he has never looked back. On his birthday (22 May) he gifted his followers with his first video release for the track Up and Down which got many views and still counting.


Since his move to South Africa he had worked with Tai Tan UG, Allaz of Riverbank Records and Tuff Lion Music getting featured on their riddim compilations. All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Soft Attack Music in Tembisa, South Africa except for ‘Long distance love’ which was mixed and mastered by Allaz back in Zimbabwe.

The South African reggae music scene is moving in the right direction, looking at the recognition of reggae music on the SAMA you can see that there’s so much change as far as growth is concerned. I also believe that female reggae artists are putting in the work to the best of their ability, a good example being Reign Africa who recently got 3 SAMA nominations. There’s only need for collaborations, more exposure and promotion.

Gabriel Muchanyu, the brother behind Advokate I, gets his inspiration from every artist who is sending out a positive message and the day to day life experiences especially in the poverty stricken communities. He has a strong desire not only to see mankind living in love, peace and unity but the demolition of a system that makes the rich get richer while the poor remains poor.

Although the road may be rocky with many challenges, especially that of funding and promotion, Advokate still believes in love and much appreciative of the support that he has garnered along the way, an aspect that is critical to his success and will take him further to reach his goals.

Advokate I

I would love to say to everyone who’s supporting Advokate I, keep it coming it’s greatly appreciated. To whom it may concern, let’s support reggae music in general and not discriminate. Reggae music is for spreading love, awareness as well as promoting unity not this hate and division that’s taking over today. The founding fathers of this movement united political leaders as well as different races through music. United we stand and divided we fall, the more we come together and work together the better.

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