Petition | SABC Radio and Television: We want more reggae music

A Petition by Lioness Production SA

Reggae music played a major role in liberating our country –  the genre was banned by the apartheid government because it promoted equal rights and justice and amongst all unity across all races. While South Africans are celebrating freedom and democracy; reggae music is still heavily oppressed, with no platform and support from the media or government – the same genre that was at the forefront in fighting for our freedom and democracy, the voice that made sure the outside world was informed of our struggle. How soon we forget as Black South Africans! Who is making the decisions? Who says reggae does not exist in SA? Isn’t reggae music an artform? What about the young reggae artists, deejays, producers, promoters, radio and TV hosts? It looks like there is no room for reggae music in this new democratic country, in the entertainment industry, in media; just as it was in the apartheid era – but who is making that decision for us reggae artists, producers, promoters and fans? How are we different from the rest? We demand to be entertained and supported like them!  It is well within our right!

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Petition | SABC Radio and Television: We want more reggae music and programmes on national radio and television | Change.org.