Tribute to Legends - Kenyatta Hill

Photos | Tribute to Legends Concert in Cape Town

Tribute to Legends: Kenyatta Hill Live
Venue:Protea Sports Club, Cape Town
Date: 21 Oct 2018
Backed by: All Nations Band
Supported by: Reggae Girls
Music by: Bashmouth Soud and Judah Roots
Photos by: Shaun Harris

International Reggae Promoter All Nations hosted The Sons of the Legends: A tribute concert to the late great Peter Tosh and Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill where both their sons, Andrew Tosh and Kenyatta Hill were billed to perform for the first time in Cape Town, South Africa. The concert was scheduled for October 21, 2018 at Protea Sports Club in Retreat, Cape Town, but only Kenyatta Hill performed.

It is reported that Andrew Tosh could not make it because of medical issues and was refused to board a flight due to his condition. Kenyatta performed his fathers music for the first 45 min, then he performed Andrews set of about 7 songs then he continued with his set again. The whole performance of Kenyatta lasted 3 hours non stop, and it was really amazing and well received.

The Reggae Girlz a new girl group put together by Johnny B (All Nations Promoter) did some Reggae covers as the opening act. This was their first ever performance and they reportedly performed very well that many believe there have potential and there will be more show to come.

Ras Shaun Harris was there to capture the fans moments.

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Video Footage: Edward Kimen Nemutamvuni



Additional Reporting: Albert Bashmouth


Sons of Legends: Andrew Tosh and Kenyatta Hill to perform in Cape Town



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