Ras Canly - Hogo

New Hit Single From Ras Canly – Hogo (Top Shatters)

Ras Canly’s New Hit Song- Hogo

Ras Canly - Hogo

Multi Award Winner and SAMA27 Nominee Ras Canly’s dropped the fire burning single Hogo.  There has been a buzz of anticipation for the track as it has been causing pandemonium wherever he performed it. Ras Fayaman Canly, who prides himself as ‘an African first before being musician’ has never shied away from his roots as a village boy and has been relentlessly representing his home, the Limpopo province with pride.  This can be seen in most if not all his videos and music and with Hogo, he has taken it a notch higher, showcasing maturity in production, lyrical content and delivery. A front runner in the new crop of generation of Limpopo Reggae artists and on the hinges of being the break out artist, following on the footsteps of Dr. Colbert Mukwevho. The nod from the South African Music Awards is well deserved. How pleasant it would be if he were to perform it at the Award ceremony, because this may very well be a cross over track South African Reggae has been looking for. A blend of Reggae with homegrown traditional sounds. Funanani ‘Ras Canly’ Phalanndwa might be on to something.

Here is a recent clip of what Hogo does to his fans.





Title: Hogo
Artist: Ras Canly
Label: Top Shatters
Genre: Reggae
Release: June 2021




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