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Ras Judah

Ras Judah is elated to have been nominated in the Best Reggae Album category, this is his debut album Let Thy Kingdom Come and already it has garnered two nominations in two of South Africa’s prestigious awards; Tshima 2015 [Tshivenda Music Awards] and SATMA 2015 [South African Traditional Music Awards]. Below is a brief chat with him that gives  insight into who is Ras Judah.

Who is Ras Judah? How did the name come about?
Ras Judah was born Ntshudu Guduvheni in Venda Limpopo, the name Ras Judah came up when I told Moses ( Rasta elder) in 2002 that I was born on the 23rd July and he told me that I was a King and it remained in my head until the time I started recording my debut album which is the only album so far and a Friend of mine called “Jah Soldier” told me the same thing as Moses did

How did your journey as a musician begin?
My Journey started back in 1996 at the age of 13 when we formed our first crew (Jam squad) writing lyrics and performing in high school shows but we never got  to go to the studio and record and because of growing up in a home where reggae music was played all the time I always brought a reggae flavor to hip hop. Later I met my first reggae band called “Street Rock”, we started recording some few songs but before we completed an album we had to split because of the distance, I then met Jah Soldier and he took me to a studio where he was recording his album, I started working with him on his album that won a Tshima award in 2015, after completing his album I then decided to work on my first project which took me 3 years to release and at the same time I formed a band called Next Generation. The album was released and got nominated for Tshima awards and Satma awards for best reggae album.

Ras JudahTell us about your new album. Which artists/producers did you work with?
I worked with Mulalo Mukwevho (producer), Tenda Netshilulu (co-producer) and featured artists : Ras Mashi, Jah Soldier, Lutendo Wire and 360 degrees.

What activities are you involved in outside of your work as a musician?
I speak to people about Love and life experiences and help others to see the light, I feel like a preacher

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on my next album titled “Africa” and also an HIV song with Colbert Mukwevho and P-Postman

How does it feel to be nominated for the SATMA award? Is this your first nomination?
I feel so grateful to Jah that his word will be heard through my music as this is a great exposure, yes on the Satma it’s my first nomination since this is my first album but it was also nominated on the Tshima awards 2015

Which musicians do you draw your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from the music of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ras Michael and Sons of Negus, Don Carlos, Alpha Blondy and all the Reggae musicians here and abroad.

Which artist would you like to work/collaborate with?
That would be Sister Yvonne Chaka Chaka, She has a very beautiful voice

Which do you prefer; live performances or studio work?
Live performance work

For Bookings:
Email: gfikileprecious@ymail.com | ntshudujud@gmail.com or call
Tel: +27 76 365 2298 | +27 799810087


Ras Judah next gen Let thy kingdom come

Track list:

  1. Let thy Kingdom come (Feat. Wire and 360 degrees)
  2. You
  3. See us through
  4. Let thy kingdom come acoustic (feat. Bellafonte)
  5. Rise Agai (Feat. Ras Mashi)
  6. Nnditsheni ndi tuwe (feat. Jah Soldier and Benjamin Maurell)

Produced by: Mulalo Mukwevho
Label: Burning Shack Production
Release: 2014/11/15

Album available at Marafco lounge and Ha-Mavhele Tavern in Pretoria.



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