Reggae added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

The United Nations’ cultural and scientific agency UNESCO  added reggae music to its list of global cultural treasures. Jamaica has succeeded in her bid to have Reggae included in the list of global cultural treasures worthy of protection. UNESCO keeps a list of so-called “intangible heritage” which groups together traditional cultural practices found around the globe, and this year 40 proposals ranging from traditional wrestling to horse games to pizza making.

Other notable entries include Mooba dance of the Lenje ethnic group of Central Province of Zambia, pottery skills of the women of Sejnane, Tunisia, Ritual and festive expressions of the Congo culture has just been inscribed on the Intangible Heritage List and Mwinoghe, joyous dance of Malawi

Hon.Olivia Grange got the panel singing Bob Marley’s One Love when it was announced that Reggae Music of Jamaica met the criteria for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Well done Jamaica. Lets Get Together and Feel awright!





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