Reggae Collective take a Stand at Moshito Music Conference

On Saturday, 21 September, The Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition 2013 officially opens.

On Saturday, 21 September, The Reggae Music Collective will take a stand and Represent!

A Platinum stand has been hired and Ghetto Sounds would like to thank all for the donations and support given.

At the Exhibition, The Reggae Collective will showcase Music Videos, Archival Material, Posters, Flyers, Banners, Brochures and any Reggae Related Material to exhibit different aspects of the Reggae Music Industry in South Africa.

The audio visual footage will be projected on the monitor. DVD’s and CD’s will be on Sale, one price for all material.

Be part of the revolution, send your material to to help sustain this remarkable initiative and have a massive representation of Reggae in one of South Africa’s prestigious event.

On Sunday , 22 September, The Reggae Collective will host a Reggae Indaba (at the Moshito Conference)  to officially formulate a Reggae Music Association with Board Members and Members. It will be decided  who will sit on the Board for the interim before the Association has been officially registered and has it’s Non profit number.

‘We thank you all for the commitment in the formation of the collective that will evolve into the Southern Afrikan Reggae Music Association (SARMA)’ ~ Ras Shaun Harris.

Southern Africa Reggae Music Association (SARMA)

In July 2013, notification was sent out to those within the Reggae Community explaining the initiative to form the many entities of the Reggae Music Industry into an Association.

Since then we have had many positive comments and a few direct and indirect meetings to formulate the Association into Life. It will be our aim to officially formulate the Association with Board Members and Members during the time of Moshito 2013.

A planned Indaba will be held at the Moshito 2013 at a time to be later proposed, to as to who will sit on the Board for the interim before the Association has been official registered and has it’s Non profit number.

These Office members would manage with the assistance of others, the Association until the first Annual General Meeting (AGM)  that would be held later in the year or next year once we have the NPO number.

Full notice will be given so that as many Brothers and Sista’s may attend and reason over the Industry they own and wish to see go forward and grow, so that all may hear the Word.

Ras Shaun Harris is coordinating the formation of the Association with assistance and advise from committed Brothers and Sisters, more inclusion is wished so please do not hesitate to communicate this during this time so that others may interact and reason over the comments made.

Timely notice will be given of the Reggae Indaba for the formation of the Association.

We wish for all to support both of the initiatives so that we move forward, please pass on this information freely to all professional and non-professional Reggae Music persons.

Ras Shaun Harris

There you have it folks. Get in touch with Ghetto Sound and be part of the Mzabalazo.

Lets do it for the generation that never got exposure, Lets do it for the future generashun. Lets do it for us!

In the mean time between time, mzansireggae will keep yu posted on developments.

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