Famed Kenyan Reggae DJ Lastborn Dead at 43

Legendary Kenyan Reggae Entertainer DJ Lastborn

DJ Lastborn, real name, Besnon Ogweno Ouma, passed away in his sleep on February 3, 2023 at the age of 43. The veteran DJ suffered two bouts of strokes in 2017 and in 2019. The second stroke affected his speech and eyesight and he has been sick since then. His sister has been taking care of him since and reported that the DJ was in high spirits the night before and did not show any signs of suffering. He retired to bed after supper and chatting with his sister and he did not wake up the next day.

Lastborn was popular in Reggae circles as one of the founding members of the internationally popular Reggae Outfit Supremacy Sounds . DJ Simple Simon co-founder of Supremacy Sounds payed his tribute via his FB page:

A huge loss to the Reggae fraternity in Kenya as tributes are pouring in from ordinary fans who have enjoyed his sets and his larger than life personality to veterans in the game like former radio presenter Fyah Mama Jahmby Koi Kai who took to social media to bid him farewell:

“There was reggae played everywhere in downtown, Nairobi Two friends came up with a different style, started jamsessions in Nyanza House(Dj Lastborn and Simple Simon). Then came the Missile mixtapes, Dj Lastborn in the mix. Then he started touring internationally and made some of us dream that we could make it with reggae. Black Supremacy was the biggest and baddest soundsystem.

Dj Lastborn was larger than life and filled a room with his laughter. Lakini for some of us who come from that golden era of reggae, he was a no non-sense guy, who expected you to play and emcee reggae to perfection. Ask Selector Technix how Dj Lastborn taught him how to mix….funny but very great lesson.

Many of us from that era, have had our fair share of life lessons and experiences from serious health issues to the evolution of the industry. I pray for grace, strength and God’s guidance.

Fare thee well LB. May the Most High God rest your soul in eternal perfect peace.” ~ Fyah Mama Jahmby

A tribute mix has been uploaded on Youtube with some of DJ Lastborn’s best mixes from over the years.



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