Sexual Healing – Fruity Star feat. Marvin Gaye

Folks at Maximum Stylez Records are feeling generous and brave. They put out the single: Sexual Healing by Mr Moda aka Fruitystar​ sampling Mr Marvin Gaye; The single comes from the recently released album Follow Me.
It is evident that Mr Moda is not afraid of experimenting and exploring different avenues and fusing it all into dancehall. Truth be told, there was some bit of skepticism when checking the title. Ain’t nobody’s business to be messing up with Classics, but Mr Moda did not disappoint, he is on point rather, interpreting the classic in his view and style. A dancehall Mushup, Kasi Style. Listening to this single got us curious about what the rest of the album sounds like.  Download the single for Free and get a copy of the album at Maximum Stylez.

Title: Sexual Healing
Artiste: Fruity Star feat. Marvin Gaye
Album: Follow Me
Label: Maximum Stylez Records
August 2015


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