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Shatta Wale – Fool is the Last to Know | Video

Shatta Wale Knocks Out doubters with ‘Fool Is The Last To Know’

Title: Fool is the Last to Know
Artist : Shatta Wale
Label : YGF Records/ Atchyah Entertainment
Genre: Dancehall
Composer : Ridwaan Razak
Producer : Tevin Richards
Release: August 2017

Shatta Wale’s  Fool Is The Last To Know released 2 weeks ago has been receiving positive feedback since it’s release. The song will be available for purchase on September 8, 2017.
The  music video by the popular African dancehall artist, has reached over 100,000 online views since it’s release. Fool Is The Last To Know is one of the African artist’s slew of collaborations  with  producer Tevino For YGF Records & Atchyah Entertainment.

YGF Records Story to Success

The video captures the raw street lifestyle of Jamaica, where day life is characterized by grimy, gritty and deceptive individuals participating in illegal activities. Shatta Wale always delivers, lyrically and melodically, material of the highest quality, Fool Is The Last To Know is no different. Wale shows the struggle of being misunderstood while pursuing a dream or goal:
When we did a work, dem did a laugh/
Some ah dem say we na guh last/
but now dem see who ah di boss.

The collaboration between Tevino and Shatta Wale, has seen the artist strengthen his relationship with the dancehall culture. From his west African upbringing, Wale’s smooth melodic delivery of relatable lyrics ensures this song is a must listen.

Be mindful, you are in charge of the direction your life goes in. The garrison represents tough living conditions which forces an individual to be strong willed and persistent. Wale sings:
Live my life anyhow me want,
Live my life anyhow me want,
Me know, me know,
Because a so mi grow,
From the garrison suh me grow, suh  me grow.

Shatta Wale’s Fool Is The Last To Know, will be available for purchase on ITunes on the 8th of September.

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