South African Music Industry Council (SAMIC) rallies behind SABC 90% Local music

This morning the fraternity of Mzansi music release statement reiterating that it is rallying behind 90% local content by SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng. This comes after a long back-to-back discussion with the newly formed SAMIC interim committee led by Eugene Mthethwa, the elected President of SAMIC. The Interim SAMIC Committee releases its statement in support of Proudly S.A Music.

SAMIC Fully supports Mr. Hlaudi Motsoeneng who brought radical change by introducing the 90% local content at the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC).

This has brought Transformation and it is no longer matter of discussion but an action through change and economic development for our country. Further more SAMIC will not allow any reversal of the gains of this revolutionary change we have witnessed in our time.

Irrespective of SABC internal issues, we therefore as SAMIC stand behind Hlaudi and SABC 90% local content.

“SAMIC is adamant that Mr. Hlaudi Motsoeneneng’s policy at SABC to up the content is in line with the dire need for the development of the economy of the music sector and the country’s economy. As SAMIC we therefore stand behind on this decision and we will fight by all means necessary that the 90% Local Content quota is not reversed by any decision whatsoever. He has done what many have failed to do even at higher levels than his. “ concludes Mr. Eugene Mthethwa-President of SAMIC.


SAMIC is the sole voice and umbrella body for all role players and stakeholders in the South African music industry.

Our purpose is to unify, develop, organize, formalise, coordinate, support, mobilise, transform and implement industry-wide programmes on behalf of and to the benefit of all role players and stakeholders in the South African music industry.


A self-regulatory body and policy lobbyist for the industry
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Platform and consultative forum for discourse, information-sharing, research, decision-making, networking, leadership development, programme development and implementation, and strategic planning
Representative body for socio-political and economic interests and rights of the South African music industry role players
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