Top 10 Anti-Apartheid Reggae Songs

Top Tep Anti-Apartheid Reggae Songs

As we celebrate Freedom Day we look back on an overlooked historical fact, that of the contribution Reggae made in fighting, denouncing and openly shaming apartheid, using the most potent weapon – music. Reggae is more than just beach summer music and for feeling ire, it has social and cultural depth. Its impact has a global reach and most importantly its militancy guaranteed that the capitalist culture vultures keep a safe distance away from exploiting it, well at least for now.

Here is our list of the Top Ten Anti-Apartheid Reggae Songs

The Congos – Apartheid

Twinkle Brothers – Free Africa

Tappa Zukie – Tribute to Steve Biko

Black Uhuru – Freedom Fighter

Sony Okosun – Fire in Soweto

Frankie Jones – Free South Africa

Mighty Diamonds – Apartheid

Angolah Maseko – Majority Rule

Alpha Blondy

Eddy Grant – Gimme Hope Joanna