Esskell - Angel

Video | Esskell – Angel (Ultra Beam Records)

Esskell – Angel (Ultra Beam Records)

Title: Angel
Artist: Esskell
Produced:by: Paul Christie
Label: Ultra Beam Records
Distributed by: Zojak Worldwide
Release: October 2019

Singer/song writer Esskell once again brings his signature brand of music to the people. He continues to create waves locally and internationally, showcasing his inspirational musical talents that have Disc Jocks,Selectors and Fans anxiously waiting for more.

Esskell’s new radical song is called “ANGEL”. The real life lyrics of this song talks about a man who chooses to take to the streets doing the wrong things to survive because he feels he lives in a hopeless society. The negative influences in the environment that he grew up in, scars his mind and influences the choices made for a better life for him and his family. The conscious mind will always prevail, as through his struggles he still hopes for a better tomorrow, guidance and protection, so he cries out “ Father God send an angel to watch over me”.

This song will touch the hearts and minds of many, as we all hope for better opportunities and better choices, with the help of Father God.




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