what is mzansi reggae

Mzansi Reggae, an online portal for southern African reggae community (and its cousins)
A platform for the reggae dancehall massive to have a united front and speak with one voice.
With just one click one will be able to access Southern African reggae artists from A – Z
Access a discussion forum to hear what the word on the street is and reason with elders and yutes alike.
Hear new releases, view photos & videos, read CD and dance reviews and so much more
All under one click.
In the mean time between time
Mzansireggae brings you a national reggae gig guide
An events calendar
For all things reggae dancehall dub poetry culture Afro and mo
One is able to view (on a daily basis) what event a gwaan on that day
The calendar can be filtered by date, region, city or category.
You will be able to see what events are taking place all over mzansi and its cousins
One can also be able to see in advance what events are coming up
So that one can plan ahead.

The system is easy, quick and free.
Anyone from anywhere can upload their event.
In three easy steps.
1. Sign up or log in
2. Fill out the form with all the info about the event
3. Save and publish.
There’s more …
You will be able to upload your flyer
You can see how many times your event has been viewed.
You can also add more in the comments section below your event
Google will also provide the map provided you give the right address
Or you can write you own directions like: take a taxi from noord, get of at white church etc in the comment section.
So you see,
It’s a useful tool for promoters, event organizers and the massive .
But it can only work if we use this platform.
It is your platform mzansi reggae-ites.
Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and so it goes…
The revolution mzabalazo is on.
Lets do this.
Grow it. Share it. Love it.
Just like de herb!

The MzansiReggae Team.