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What Kind of World Riddim

Decibel’s What Kind Of World Riddim

Title :Decibel’s What kind of world Riddim
Producer : Exalate Livan 
Genre : Modern day Reggae Fusion
Label : Livan Muziq
Release: July 2023

The Decibel’s What Kind of World Riddim comes as a tribute riddim inspired by Decibel’s 2004 “What kind of world ” single from an album with the same title .

Decibel is actually one of Zimbabwe’s celebrated Urban Groove, Reggae & Dancehall musician.

The riddim is produced by Exalate Livan under Livan Muziq and comprises of 15 positive tracks by artists from across globe inclusively South Africa,Germany ,Barbados ,Jamaica.


1 . Botanist – What kind of world

2 . Undefynd _Not coming back

3. King Vurrai _Fight

4. Fabba Nduna ft.Millie Ngwalangwala _Pump up

5. Supahmann _World Peace

6. Slickk _Something about that girl

7. Millie Ngwalangwala & Jah Maverick _Freedom of confusion

8. Natty Brimstone _Legit (Warroir Blood)

9. Exalate Livan _Sithi Umuhle

10. Dimahr _The world will never change

11. Naja Naja _Hustle

12. Red i Scorch _Ithlokomele

13. Musical Dynasty _Disya ting called love

14. Jah Jah Yute Di Fiyah Yute _Need love

15. Red i Scorch _Ithlokomele [

Decibel's What Kind of World Riddim



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