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Zosia McGregor Lovers Rock Single, Ecstasy | Mega Records (Kenya)

Ecstasy – @bigshipempress

: Ecstasy
Artist: Zosia Mcgregor
Producers: Nixon Fredericks;Josi Coppola
Label: Mega Records (Kenya)
Genre: Reggae / Lovers Rock
Release: July 2018
Song Link: https://song.link/us/i/1415207117

Reggae, like any other genre of music, is endowed with a treasury of storied musical lineages. Few bloodlines have made a greater impact on the history of Jamaican music than that of the McGregor family. While the foundation set by “Di Captain” Freddie McGregor is indeed timeless, the future of the “Big Ship” dynasty is looking brighter than ever with the emergence of Zosia McGregor.

Born in Jamaica, but raised mostly in Grand Cayman, Zosia has been steadily gaining a reputation in the Reggae industry for her pristine vocal tone and her ear for sweet melodies and harmonics. With an intoxicating blend of sensual lyrics and soulful delivery, her latest single Ecstasy will have you hooked from the very first line!

A few synonyms for the word ecstasy are rapture, bliss, elation, & euphoria. In her latest single, Zosia describes the sensation of “Ecstasy” driven by the power of love and all of the passion that accompanies a budding romance. The rhythm track, produced all the way in east Africa, is the brainchild of Nixon Kiiru Ndegwa of Mega Records (Nairobi, Kenya) and it was produced in collaboration with Josi “Big Finga” Coppola who is based in Germany and known for his veteran role in the “Evolution” band as well as his heavy Reggae productions over the years including the “Onward” riddim as well as the classic “Honey Pot” riddim compilation.

As sure as summer brings new life, new love, and new memories, “Ecstasy” should be added to your playlist of new age lovers rock classics. As smooth as a glass of fine wine yet as carefree as a stroll on the beach, Zosia’s alluring approach to singing and songwriting is sure to have you anticipating each new offering from one of reggae music’s most promising young talents. The legacy of the McGregor clan is all but assured as Zosia will surely continue the family tradition of authentic, quality Reggae music for years and years to come.

Social media links for Zosia :
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zosiamcgregormusic/
Instagram: @bigshipempress 
Twitter: @bigshipempress
Soundcloud: BigShipEmpress



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