Cape Verdean Singer Andreia Releases Her New EP – O Nha Mâe

Ka ta Pode – Andreia x Queen Omega

Cape Verdean singer Andreia unveils her latest musical jewel, the album entitled “O Nha Mâe”. This decidedly modern opus brilliantly fuses Cape Verdean influences through mesmerizing voices, captivating melodies and poignant texts.

At the heart of O Nha Mâe, Andreia explores the facets of real life, revealing her experiences, whether filled with happiness or pain in a moving artistic impulse. The themes are as diverse as they are profound, dealing with the betrayal of the title Sakop, the end of a romantic relationship with Nha Dia.

The album also explores European disillusionment and contrasting realities between life in Europe and idealized perceptions with Falta d’ar, a poetic exploration of European disillusionment and rich lands, depicting true reality in relation to preconceived ideals.

Through the prism of the female gaze, the album embraces strength, independence and love. Andreia guides us on a musical journey where each song is a slice of life, captured with emotion and delivered with a unique artistic combativeness.

O Nha Mãe promises to immerse listeners in a world where music transcends borders and stories resonate with deep authenticity. An unforgettable auditory journey awaits fans of Cape Verdean music and beyond.

The EP dropped in December 2023 via Creepy Music Label



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