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Faya Uman  is a multi-talented and musically diverse Songstress who was Born in Soweto on the 25th of March. The Singer and Songwriter – in whom evidence of artistic ability was already visible when she was only 5 – first discovered her passion for music and ability to sing at the age of 12.

Early in her music career she explored her gift by performing in school musicals and plays. Upon graduating from high school, her interest and pursuit for a career in the music industry was furthered when she studied vocals at the Campus of Performing Arts.

Faya Uman has joined and formed part of MANY musical groups, most of which were disbanded, these were groups performing different genres of music ranging from Hip-hop, House, to Rock. In 2010 she entered Pop Stars and made it to the TOP 40 and the “Girl With the Golden Locks'” extremely impressed the judges with her ‘ unique & Funky Image, ability to rap and sing.

During the year 2010 she fell in love With Reggae and Dancehall Music and began to convert her rap verses and the way they were delivered into the “Dj/Sing-Jay” singing style of Jamaica. Many would think creating Reggae music which is heavily influenced by various other Genres of Music such as Rap/Hiphop, Soul and Ethnic music whilst maintaining an authentic Reggae sound and feel is impossible. Yet Faya Uman; a versatile and artistically diverse Soweto Queen is proof of this possibility, through the style of her music which introduces a futuristic and unique element to the Reggae genre.

On the 16th of December 2012 Faya Uman launched her 10 track EP, Musical Chairs in Melville, Kingston on 4th to positive reviews. She performed and marketed the project relentlessly, which resulted in her getting booked for shows in and around Johannesburg. She then released a song and a video for AmaSojah and released it as a single which received widespread critical acclaim. The single featured the 80’s Kwaito Sensation, Kamazu.

In her short career span in Reggae Dancehall, she has already opened for Luciano when he performed twice in Johannesburg South Africa; she has collaborated with King Mas [USA], Prophecy Ises [Canada] and South Africa’s best vocalists like Ras Melody. In 2014 she won the Artist of the year title at the  Dancehall Reggae Mzansi Award. She is currently working on her debut official album entitled Elements Of  Faya, which is inspired by the different genres – Afro Jazz, NeoSoul and Maskandi – that inspire Faya as an artist, hence Elements of Faya.

Email: fayauman@gmail.com | watatingproduxions@gmail.com
Tel: +27 793357976 | +27 738204908





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