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Anthony Martin

A conscious reggae singer and deejay born in Thompson Pen, Spanish Town in the Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. A revolutionary spirit delivering a message of love, peace, justice, unity and community through hard hitting reggae dancehall rythmns and lyrics, on stages all over the world. Lutan’s initial influence of African consciousness was instilled by his grandfather Tamba, and his spiritual identity is rooted in Rastafar-I, Bobo Ashanti. He started his musical career in 1999 and recorded his first songs for Buju Banton’s Gargamel records.

In 2004 he released his first solo album  “Dem No Know Demself”  on Minor7Flat5 followed in 2005 by “Time & Place” on Lustre Kings.  He also released several singles  on various label from Jamaica,  USA and UK. In 2007, his album “You Brings Blessings” came out on Cousins Records. Lutan plays the guitar-self taught-has recorded roughly 200 singles to date, has released 12 albums, and also 10 music videos.  He’s collaborated with artists like:  Pressure, Luciano, Jah Mason, Jahvinci, Midnite, Rebolution Band, Anthony B, Turbulence, Chronixx, Ken Ring and Lady G, just to name a few.  He’s worked with legendary producers like: multiple Grammy winners  Sly & Robbie, 2013 Grammy nominee  Richard “Breadback” Bramwell, Michigan & Smiley, Tristan Palmer, Sugar Minott, Stephen McGregor,  Don Corleon, John John, Bobby Digital, Donovan Germain, Tony Kelly, Gargamel, Silly Walks, Jah Warrior, Xtermintor &  more.

Lutan has ripped stages in over 30 countries over the last 10 years varying from club tours, to some of the biggest festivals across the globe in cities like: Berlin, Koln, Hamburg, Dortmond, Rens, Frankfort, Munich, Dussseldof, Stockholm, Malmo, Gotenburg, Oslo, Elsincki, Cohpenhagen, Paris, Genevei, Monpelier, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lens, Campetienne, Monaco, Lille, Marseille, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Gibralta, Malaga, Betis, Milan, Rome, Lazanelli, Bologna, Nopoli, Sissli, Turin, Genoa, Geneva, Zurich, Baen, Vienna, Rototam, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Gronigen, Utrekt, Urban, Johanesburg, Cape Town, Mombasa, Nairobi, Moscow, St.Peterburge, Crasnadad, Istanbul, Trabsn, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Trinidad, Suriname, French Guayana, Bahamas, Barbadoes, NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles.

See him blazing shows live at major international festivals like Sumol Summerfest in Portugal, SummerJam, ReggaeJam, Chiemsee & Summerfest in Germany, Sunrise Festival also in Germany, Garance Festival in France & more!


Dem No Know Demself (2004), Minor 7 Flat 5

Time & Place (2005), Lustre Kings

Phantom War (2006), Greensleeves

Healthy Lifestyle (2006), VP

You Bring Blessings, (2007), Cousins

African Be Proud (2009), Rastar

Africa (2009), Continental Record Services

Justice (2009), Philadub

The King’s Son (2009), In the Streetz Music

A New Day (2011), Starplayer

Truly (2012), One Drop

Life of a King (2013), Grillaras

Get Rid A Di Wicked (2014), Bread Back

Live albums  Live in San Francisco (2009), 2B1

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