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Mark Ryans

Born and raised in Kampala Uganda’s capital on the 19th 0f December 1986. Popularly known as Mark Ryans, Mark Ryans Mubiru is an economics graduate, music producer and reggae artist. With his unique husky soulful and emotional voice he has managed to get his way into people’s hearts wherever his music gets. A passionate and focused man about his craft, he spends most of the time writing and producing music.
He has mastered his art with inspirational uplifting lyrics and hooks. He writes and produces his work. He is very melodic and says his life is a melody. A self-taught guitar player, Mark Ryans started out in a school choir in 2000. He recorded his first studio album at the end 2005.It was a Dancehall album named Till The Morning Light.

This album got just fair rotation on the local airwaves though it had potential hit songs due to failure to get the necessary financial requirements to market and promote it.
He had a recording break from mid-2006 to mid-2008 to concentrate on his university education

In 2008 Mark Ryans went back to the studio with a totally changed musical direction and re-branded from dancehall music to pure conscious reggae music.

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